Their praise, comparing

Their praise, comparing Aroma plants appreciated not only in the food.

It is difficult to imagine what a long history of incense and have many ups and downs they have experienced.

Their praise, comparing with precious stones, and forbade announcing "frivolous overkill.

" Imposed as a panacea for all ills and used as a luxury item and means of seduction.

Admired, rejected and even deified.

It is in the sacred temples and the first born fragrant composition.

Hieroglyphics on the walls of ancient Egyptian temples and ancient legends of Greece preserved for us some of the secrets of flavors.

Egyptian priests necessarily used in all their prayers and rituals myrrh and frankincense, amber and sandalwood, to awaken the sleeping lovely flavors statue of the god.

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Responding to your

Responding to your This allows you to complete, objective estimate all advantages and disadvantages of the exterior in order to subsequently choose the right exercises for the correction of deficiencies.

Responding to your questions , also worthwhile to compare your current face with pictures of the past and see how changed oval face when laid those or other wrinkles, in connection with what .

In the future .

it should be borne in mind that the "older " wrinkles , the more time and effort you need to remove them.

In addition , examine your habitual facial expressions, and perhaps you will find two or three facial expressions, which , reflecting negative emotions form a persistent wrinkles.

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Lubrication After that first put on cotton socks, and on top of them - wool.

Aromatic oils against pharyngitis Rinse.

4 drops of essential oil of sage or myrtle mixed with 1 tbsp.

hot milk with a spoon and the resulting mixture is dissolved in one glass of warm water.

Should gargle 4-6 times a day.

2 drops of lemon oil, 3 drops of peppermint dissolve in 1 cup of warm, lightly salted water.

Gargle every 2 hours.

Lubrication throat.

8 drops of peach butter, or 4 drops of lemon or 4 drops of eucalyptus mixed with 1 tbsp.

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Raise your

Raise your And one more recommendation for the lazy .

Lie down on the floor covered with carpet.

Raise your hands straight up to the outer side of the palms touching the floor .

Lay as 10 minutes a day .

SITTING POSE embarrassing In an age of mostly mental work when people most of the time at the table , behind a computer screen , a very important position in which you sit.

So permanently hunched back , protruding blades drooping head lead to the formation of wrinkles in the lower face , to violations of the line of the oval recommendations: Purchase a special chair for the computer , which allows you to keep your back straight.

Also select the optimum height of the monitor and keyboard.

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Now spread your

Now spread your Technology Implementation Find a point.

To do this, gently massage the crown point.

You must feel it: it may be mild itching, warmth filling or something else.

Without stopping stimulation, relax the lower jaw and attach language to the sky.

Raise your left arm in the face, and turning the brush, put your fingers on free whiskey.

Now spread your fingers into place.

9 Middle finger to move 2-3 up own width and a little back to the roots of the hair.

Find them a small recess in which the pulse is felt there and set the fingertip.

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